45 Years

Organic Experience


Farm Water


Local & Sustainable

The Farm popularized tofu in the US and has been distributing it's delicious products since 1973. Our products include organic ingredients whenever possible and are top rated by Cornucopia Institute. See our Cornucopia Rating HERE​.
Farm water is special and protected. Our kitchen is located in a unique planned community surrounded by the Swan Conservation Trust. Learn more about The Farm HERE . Learn more about the Swan Trust HERE.
Our beans are sourced from Southern Illinois. We strive to make our processes as low impact as possible Learn about our soy bean farmer HERE and our okara waste solution HERE.

Why Farm Foods?

Our people, our water, our ingredients, our committment to sustainable practices, and our process yields a superior product. Our community has been making vegan foods at our "dairy" since 1973 and is largely credited with popularizing soy based foods in the US.  Visit The Farm and say hello while experiencing our historic and mindful community.